logo_lumcThe Leiden University Medical Center or LUMC, is the university hospital affiliated with Leiden University, located in Leiden, Netherlands, of which it forms the medical faculty. It resulted from the merger of the Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden (Leiden Academic Hospital) and the medical faculty of Leiden University in the late 1990s, forming an academic health science centre. Similar arrangements exist for most university hospitals in the Netherlands. The hospital has clinical departments of all medical specialties, and acts as a tertiary referral centre for the northern part of the province of South Holland. In addition, it has a wide range of research programmes in both clinical and basic medical research, leading to a large output of scientific publications.


Lead Scientist: Pauline Meij, PhD

Institution: LUMC
Position: Senior PostDoc

Contact Information

email: p.meij[at]lumc.nl
Telephone: (+) 31 715264179
Address: Netherlands

Pauline Meij works is a senior scientist cell therapy at the interdivisional GMP facility (IGFL) of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), which is a subdepartment of the department of Clinical Pharmacy and toxicology. The IGFL has a manufacturing license for cell and gene therapy products and has 6 class B cleanrooms for the production of cell and gene therapy products and 1 cleanroom for aseptic filling and freeze drying.

Cell and gene therapy products currently manufactured are: T cell products (virus-specific, melanoma specific, leukaemia reactive and a TCR gene transfer T cell product), mesenchymal stromal cells, bone marrow derived mononuclear cells, activated NK cells and isolated Islets of Langerhans. Products which are currently in the process of clinical translation are tolerogenic DC, HPV-specific T cells and RAG gene transduced CD34 positive cells.

The research focus of Pauline Meij is on the clinical translation of cell therapy products. Currently she is responsible for the project management of the clinical translation of the cell products which are generated the GMP facility, responsible for the QC release of the products generated and she is also trained as QP cell therapy. Pauline Meij is a member of the cell therapy committee of the LUMC and the ATMP working group in the Netherlands, furthermore is actively participated in the NPK (national program Dutch cancer society) translational research project in the Netherlands, which amongst others led to the development of a model IMPD for cell therapy.

Tasks: Dr Meij is an ATMP production scientist with expertise in QC and training. She is an essential partner in WP2, 3, 4 and 5.

Selected publications:

1. Meij P, Jedema I, Zandvliet ML, van der Heiden PL, van de Meent M, van Egmond HM, van Liempt E,
Hoogstraten C, Kruithof S, Veld S, Marijt EW, von dem Borne PA, Lankester AC, Halkes CJ, Falkenburg JH. Effective treatment of refractory CMV reactivation after allogeneic stem cell transplantation with in vitro- generated CMV pp65-specific CD8+ T-cell lines. J Immunother. 2012 Oct;35(8):621-8.

2. Meij P, Jedema I, van der Hoorn MA, Bongaerts R, Cox L, Wafelman AR, Marijt EW, Willemze R, Falkenburg JH. Generation and administration of HA-1-specific T-cell lines for the treatment of patients with relapsed leukemia after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a pilot study. Haematologica. 2012 Aug;97(8):1205-8.

3. Zandvliet ML, van Liempt E, Jedema I, Kruithof S, Kester MG, Guchelaar HJ, Falkenburg JH, Meij P. Simultaneous isolation of CD8(+) and CD4(+) T cells specific for multiple viruses for broad antiviral immune reconstitution after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. J Immunother. 2011 Apr;34(3):307-19.

4. Zandvliet ML, Falkenburg JH, van Liempt E, Veltrop-Duits LA, Lankester AC, Kalpoe JS, Kester MG, van der Steen DM, van Tol MJ, Willemze R, Guchelaar HJ, Schilham MW, Meij P. Combined CD8+ and CD4+ adenovirus hexon-specific T cells associated with viral clearance after stem cell transplantation as treatment for adenovirus infection. Haematologica. 2010 Nov;95(11):1943-51.

5. Jedema I, Meij P, Steeneveld E, Hoogendoorn M, Nijmeijer BA, van de Meent M, van Luxemburg-Heijs SA, Willemze R, Falkenburg JH. Early detection and rapid isolation of leukemia-reactive donor T cells for adoptive transfer using the IFN-gamma secretion assay. Clin Cancer Res. 2007 Jan 15;13(2 Pt 1):636-43.