logo_lumcThe Hannover Medical School (MHH) is the leading university medical facility for transplantation in Germany. Within the Integrated Research and Treatment Centre Transplantation (IFB-Tx), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the MHH represents a unique, comprehensive concept for organ and stem cell transplantation clustering excellent research institutions and clinical departments among the landscape of international medical centres.


Lead Scientist: Professor Doctor Ulrike Köhl, MD PhD

Institution: MHH
Position: Director

Contact Information

email: koehl.ulrike[atmh-hannover.de]
Telephone: (+) 49 51 15325718
Address: Germany

Ulrike Köhl is the director of the Institute of Cellular Therapeutics, responsible for both (i) the GMP facility for routine cell manufacturing including a mmanufacturing license for bone marrow stem cells, peripheral blood stem cells and purification procedure (i.e. CD34 selection, CD3/CD19 depletion) as well as (ii) the GMP Development Unit, a core facility within the IFB-Tx. In the latter one she is in charge of new cell- based medicines in order to transfer those from bench to bedside for both stem cell and organ transplantation.

This is based on her previous experience in more than 450 GMP-compliant procedures for stem cells, various effector cells such as allogeneic natural killer cells or antigen-specific T cells as well as gene-manipulated cells as ATMPs.

One further, but closely related focus of Ulrike Köhl is the flowcytometric quality control analysis of cell products, the determination of cytotoxic capability and tolerance induction as well as multivariate immune reconstitution models to optimize the time points for additional cell infusions post transplantation.

She is a referee of the EMA (European Medicine Agency), member of the committee on quality control within the International society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) and member of several national and international professional societies.

Selected publications:

1. Tischer S, Priesner C, Heuft HG, Goudeva L, Mende W, Barthold M, Klöß S, Arseniev L, Aleksandrova K, Maecker-Kolhoff B, Blasczyk R, Koehl U*, Eiz-Vesper B*. Rapid generation of clinical-grade antiviral T cells: Selection of suitable T-cell donors and GMP-compliant manufacturing of antiviral T cells. J Translational Medicine Dec 16;12(1):336. (2014). [* both authors contributed equally to this work].

2. Schönfeld K, Sahm C, Zhang C, Naundorf S, Brendel C, Odendahl M, Nowakowska P, Bönig H, Köhl U, Kloess S, Köhler S, Holtgreve-Grez H, Jauch A, Schmidt M, Schubert R, Kühlcke K, Seifried E, Klingemann HG, Rieger MA, Tonn T, Grez M, Wels WS. Selective Inhibition of Tumor Growth by Clonal NK Cells Expressing an ErbB2/HER2-Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor. Mol Ther. 2015 Feb;23(2):330-8.

3. Glienke W, Esser R, Priesner C, Suerth J, Schambach A, Wels W, Grez M, Kloess S, Arseniev L, Koehl U. Advantages and Applications of CAR-Expressing Natural Killer Cells. Frontiers in Pharmacology 2015 in press (Review)

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