logo_uclUniversity College London and its associated Medical School is a centre of excellence for human transplantation and hosts one of the largest adult haematopoietic stem cell transplant programmes in the UK. UCL is a research- led university and has just been rated 4th in the international listing of universities.

UCL is at the forefront of translational clinical trials in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products in the EU with products as diverse as anti-viral T cells derived from healthy volunteer donors to treat immunodeficient patients post transplant, recellularised cadaveric trachea and larynx for repair of tracheal and laryngeal trauma, isolated/purified islets cells from cadaveric donors for transplantation to diabetic patients and the first embryonic stem cell derived ATMP in UK trial.

UCL is one of the 5 UK national Academic Health Sciences Centres and three of the flagship research areas are Transplantation, Regenerative Medicine and Cell & Gene Therapy. Over 20 groups across UCL are running clinical trials in Cell & Gene Therapies and the university has more than 15 GMP production facilities on four sites.


Lead Scientist: Dr Mark W Lowdell, PhD, FRCPath

Institution: University College London
Position: Director of Cell Therapy

Contact Information

email: m.lowdell[at]ucl.ac.uk
Telephone: (+) 44 20 783 021 83
Address: Dept of Haematology, UCL, Rowland Hill St, London, NW3 2PF

Dr. Lowdell is the Director of Cellular Therapy and runs the largest of the GMP production units with over 600m2 of manufacturing space. He is the qualified person for release of ATMPs for clinical trial and is the initiator of or involved in 8 cell therapy trials at present, five of which are UK national trials. He has been an advisor to UK Government regulatory bodies on the regulation of ATMPs and is an accredited assessor for one of the UK Government departments.

He has worked extensively on quality standards for ATMPs and is the UK National Representative to the board of JACIE, the professional body responsible for accreditation of haematotherapies across the EU.

Dr Lowdell’s research is in the fields of immunotherapy of viral infections, tumour immunotherapy and advanced regenerative medicine.

Tasks: Mark Lowdell co-ordinates the project and leads WP1. He also works with Martin Hildebrandt, Ineke Slaper-Cortenbach and Anne Dickinson in WP2, 3, 4 & 5 to create harmonised training programmes for ATMP manufacture and regulation.
Selected publications:

1. Partington L, Morden NJ, Mason C, Knowles JC, Kim H-W, Lowdell MW, Birchall MA, Wall I. (2013) Biochemical changes caused by decellularization may compromise mechanical integrity of tracheal scaffolds. Acta Biomaterialia; 9:5251-5261

2. Samuel E, Newton K, Mackinnon S, Lowdell MW. (2012) Successful isolation and expansion of CMV reactive T cells from G-CSF mobilised donors that retain a strong cytotoxic effector function. Br Journal of Haematology; 160:87-100.

3. Lowdell MW, Birchall M, Thrasher AJ.(2012) Use of one-off, compassionate use, advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) as a safe and valid alternative to animal models for pre-clinical data for clinical trial submissions? Lancet; 379:2341.

4. Elliot M, DeCoppi P, Speggiorin S, Roebuck D, Butler C, Samuel E, Crowley C, Maclaren C, Cochrane L, Jephson C, Janes S, Beaumont NJ, Cogan T, Hsuan J, Lowdell MW, Birchall M. (2012) Stem-cell based tissue engineered tracheal replacement in a child: case report and twenty month follow-up. Lancet; 380:994-1000

5. Peggs K, Thomson K, Samuel E, Dyer G, Armoogum J, Pang K, Mackinnon S, Lowdell MW. (2011) Directly selected cytomegalovirus-reactive donor T cells confer rapid and safe systemic reconstitution of virus- specific immunity following stem cell transplantation. Clinical Infectious Diseases; 52:49-57

6. Sabry M, Tsirogianni M, Bakhsh IA, North J, Sivakumaran J, Giannopoulos K, Anderson R, Mackinnon S and Lowdell MW.(2011) Leukemic priming of resting NK cells is KIR independent but requires CD15-mediated CD2 ligation and natural cytotoxicity receptors. J.Immunology; 187:6227-6234.