logo_newcastleThe Newcastle Biomedicine cGMP Cellular Therapies Facilities Newcastle upon Tyne is amalgamated over two sites across the city:1. Haematological Sciences and
2. Centre for Life; Bioscience Centre.

Both centres are currently licensed under the human tissue act (HTA) and with the Medical Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for ATMP development and consist of two Grade C clean-room suites, for the processing, storage and delivery to the bedside bone marrow, cord blood and aphaeresis products; CD34 selected stem cell products using CliniMacs separation using a COBE cell separator.

The Haematological Sciences laboratories provide service provision to clinical transplantation groups within the NHS Trust and throughout the UK Northern region. These procedures amount to 100 transplants per year including adults and children with between 3-400 procedures. The Centre for Life facility procures, isolates and cryo-preserves embryonic stem cell lines and feeder layers as well as developing an autologous islet programme.

Both facilities are currently developing 2 ATMP’s:

1. Limbal stem cell products for transplant
2. Tolerogenic dendritic cells for a first into man trial with rheumatoid arthritis patients.

The planned work will be carried out in the Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Cellular Medicine and Institute of Genetic Medicine (Centre for Life) under the direction of Professor Dickinson.


Lead Scientist: Professor Anne Dickinson PhD

Institution: Newcastle University
Position: Professor of Marrow Transplant Biology

Contact Information

email: anne.dickinson[at]ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 6794
Address: Haematological Sciences, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University, Framlington Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4HH

Lead Scientists: Dr. Julian De Havilland PhD, Professor Michael Whittaker

Dr Julian De Havilland is a senior scientist with expertise in islet transplantation and Manager at the Centre for life and will aid in the development of training programmes within the facility.

Professor Michael Whitaker is a Professor of Physiology and Dean of Research and Innovation in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UNEW, with the brief of developing further links between the Medical School and the commercial sector. He is co-Director of the joint Durham/ Newcastle/NHS North East England Stem Cell Institute. He was instrumental in developing the research strategy of the Medical Faculty at Newcastle University, whose research now ranks fifth in the UK. Since 2000, he has been closely involved in forming and delivering the North East regional Strategy for Success in the Healthcare and Life Science areas, particularly in the areas of ageing, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. He is a Fellow of the Society of Biology and the Academy of Medical Sciences and a board member of Centre for Excellence in Life Sciences.

Tasks: Professor Anne Dickinson leads WP4 and, with Dr Julian De Havilland will establish practical GMP training programmes at UNEW and contribute to the on-line training programmes in WP2 and development of the “tool box”. Professor Whittaker will interact via the Academic Medical Community (atmpmanufacture.org) which will link to the AGORA website. The UNEW team participates in WP3 and 5 as well.

Selected publications:

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