A new publication about CMV-CTL manufacturing as an ATMP has been pusblished. Prof Dr. Ulrike Köhl (AGORA)  is one of the authors.

Tischer S, Priesner C, Heuft HG, Goudeva L, Mende W,  M, Klöß S, Arseniev L, Aleksandrova K, Maecker-Kolhoff B, Blasczyk R, Koehl U*, Eiz-Vesper B*. Rapid generation of clinical-grade antiviral T cells: Selection of suitable T-cell donors and GMP-compliant manufacturing of antiviral T cells. J Translational Medicine Dec 16;12(1):336. (2014). [* both authors contributed equally to this work].

To read the publication use the following link: Tischer-CMV-CTls-Transl-Med-2015 (1)