Open Access

AGORA is a Consortium of GMP Experts from Academia, Hospitals and Industry who, funded by the European Commission FP7 Programme, have engaged in a Collaborative effort to shape the development, manufacture and the trajectory to clinical application of ATMPs (somatic cell therapies, gene transfer medicinal products and tissue engineered products).

This incentive is rooted in a previous FP7-project ( and is intended to all stakeholders, researchers, clinicians, regulators and partners in the field of ATMPs, a complex, innovative and exciting field of Biomedicine.

With this web platform, we intend to provide truly a marketplace for the exchange of information, news, documents, protocols, opinions, comments to help the emerging network of European GMP institutions in Academia and Industry to accelerate development, learn from each other and show a political presence on the European level that is daringly asked for. So welcome, join us, and come again!

On behalf of the AGORA Consortium:

Dr. Mark W. Lowdell PhD FRCPath FSB
Director of Cellular Therapy / Senior Lecturer
Royal Free Hospital / University College London